SimpleMedia is a custom magnolia module for the centralized management of multimedia assets like images and videos.

The advantage of using the SimpleMedia module in your magnolia-based projects are:

  • Central media repository
  • Tracking media usage
  • Handling resize, crop and effects on images
  • Linking remote FLV videos such as YouTube
  • For developers, handling images and videos easily and consistently

Watch the screencasts and the screenshots to understand how SimpleMedia module works.

From the developer point of view, integrating SimpleMedia module involves:

  • Adding a control to your dialog in order to allow users to select media.
  • Using the media tag or the simplemedia el function to render assets in your paragraphs.

Product info

Author: Openmind

License: GPL

Price: free

Current version: 4.2.1

Support info: commercial support available from Openmind

Download and links