Magnolia Workflow module facilitates editorial review of content prior to activation to a public instance. Activations are submitted to a workflow queue for approval. A publisher can examine the workflow item, see what the changes are, who made them and when, and decide whether to publish the modified content to a public instance.

Magnolia CMS uses the cross-platform OpenWFE workflow engine. OpenWFE allows extensive workflow customization, making it possible to integrate Magnolia CMS into your legacy business processes. You can define your own activation and publishing workflows with as many stages and participants as needed.

The engine supports:

  • Linear modeling and approvals
  • Branching and merging
  • Conditionals such as IF and multi-choice
  • Auto-escalation
  • Email notifications
  • Pre-defined workflows

Product info

Author: Magnolia International

License: GPL & MNA

Price: free

Current version: 4.5.28

Support info: Supported with the Enterprise Edition

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