Soft locking

Soft Locking module allows multiple editors to edit pages simultaneously and coordinate their activities within the authoring interface. Indicators and warnings prevent editing overlap and facilitate collaboration.

  • If a single user works on the site, or multiple users work on different pages, the status indicator in main bar reads: "Currently not collaborating".
  • When another user opens the same page, a notification is flashed to collaborating users: "Users currently editing this page: ".
  • When multiple users work on the same page, the status indicator displays the number of users currently working. When you click the user icon, details of other collaborators are displayed.
  • When a user saves a paragraph on a page, a message "User has just saved this page" is flashed to other collaborators.

Where JCR hard locking would prevent another user from editing the page, soft locking provides multiuser access to content and facilitates efficient content contribution.

Soft locking

Product info

Author: Magnolia International

License: MNA

Price: Part of Magnolia Enterprise Edition

Current version: 2.0.3

Support info: Supported with the Enterprise Edition

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