The Shop module provides product catalog and shopping cart functionality that integrates with your existing Magnolia CMS website.

  • Products, product categories, prices and currencies are managed in AdminCentral.
  • All data is stored in the Data module except shopping carts in their own workspace.
  • Complete website structure with shop, product detail and shopping cart pages.
  • Teaser paragraphs for promoting featured products, campaigns and items on sale. 
  • Checkout process implemented with multi-step form.
  • Run multiple shops in a single Magnolia CMS instance. Different products, countries and currencies.
  • Each shop can have its own security. Grant editors permission to shops they work with.

Product info

Author: Magnolia International

License: GPL & MNA

Price: Free

Current version: 1.1.4

Support info: Supported with the Enterprise Edition

Download and links