RSS Aggregator

RSS Aggregator module includes the functionality and paragraphs to display external feeds and generate internal feeds:

  • For feed aggregation, the module relies on the Data module to aggregate, import, store and convert RSS/Atom feed content for use in the provided paragraphs.
  • For feed syndication, the module provides feed generators and paragraphs that allow users to subscribe to Magnolia content.

RSS feed capability has various SEO and other benefits:

  • Feed syndication increases your content exposure. This in turn generates more traffic and backlinks that improve your rankings.
  • Displaying aggregated feeds provides continuous fresh content on your site. This encourages regular crawling by the search engines.
  • RSS feeds add a further touch of professionalism to your Magnolia site.
RSS Aggregator

Product info

Author: Magnolia International

License: GPL & MNA

Price: free

Current version: 1.4.4

Support info: Supported with the Enterprise Edition

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