Magnolia Forum module allows you to add a discussion forum to your site. Features and benefits include:

  • Preconfigured paragraphs. The provided paragraphs are interrelated and display forums, threads and messages.
  • Built-in navigation: The paragraphs facilitate easy navigation within the forum.
  • Paragraphs instead of pages: The use of paragraphs allows for easy integration into a Magnolia site and the option to display additional fixed forums and threads on related content pages.
  • Internal administration: Moderation is carried out in AdminCentral so there is no need for moderators to learn new software.
  • Security: The core Magnolia system handles users, groups and permissions.
  • Data storage: Data is stored in the JCR.

Forum at is a custom implementation of the Forum module.


Product info

Author: Magnolia International

License: GPL & MNA

Price: free

Current version: 1.3.4

Support info: Supported with the Enterprise Edition

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