Manage documents in Magnolia AdminCentral, assign customi metadata and fine-grained access rights to each document. Store, publish, categorize and retrieve documents.

Benefits and features:

  • Browser based user interface: No need to install any client software.
  • Ease of use: Users who manage their web content with Magnolia do not need to learn a new user interface.
  • Built-in search: Find documents according to type, language and other metadata attributes. You can also add your own attributes. A DMS Search paragraph is available for use within your Magnolia templates.
  • Separate storage: DMS assets are stored and managed independently of the page structure.
  • Versioning: Each new upload of the document creates a new version. You can go back to previous versions to track differences.
  • JSR-170 repository: Like web content management, the DMS module uses the JSR-170 compliant Jackrabbit repository to provide versioning and searching.

Product info

Author: Magnolia International

License: GPL & MNA

Price: free

Current version: 1.6.10

Support info: Supported with the Enterprise Edition

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