FrisbeeProvides a set of STK paragraphs designed for integration with all the popular social networking sites including Google Maps, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, ShareThis and AddThis.TinextNot installed
UtilsA collection of generic Magnolia utilities and extensions.OpenmindNot installed
TasksCollection of update tasks that can be reused in custom modulesOpenmindNot installed
Tag cloud moduleGenerate tag cloud components and manage the tags.OpenmindNot installed
StrutsIntegrates the Struts 1.1 framework into a Magnolia-based websiteOpenmindNot installed
StripesIntegrates the Stripes MVC framework into a Magnolia-based websiteOpenmindNot installed
Repository ToolsCheck and repair Jackrabbit repository from AdminCentral. OpenmindNot installed
SimpleMediaCentralized management of media files including images, YouTube movies, FLV, and MP3 used on your site.OpenmindNot installed
MessagesAdds an interface for translating message bundles in Magnolia AdminCentral. OpenmindNot installed
Groovy shellRun groovy scripts in MagnoliaOpenmindNot installed
Criteria APIProvides a simple alternative to standard Magnolia CMS query APIs by facilitating queries of your Magnolia JCR repository in plain Java.OpenmindNot installed
ControlsAdditional advanced controls for Magnolia CMS.OpenmindNot installed
BootstrapSyncExport changes to Magnolia repositories (workspaces) to the file system automatically. OpenmindNot installed
Wiki Syntax RenderingAllows editing content with a wiki-like syntax.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
WebSphere compatibilityProvides compatibility with WebSphereMagnolia InternationalNot installed
WebLogic compatibilityProvides compatibility with WebLogicMagnolia InternationalNot installed
WebDAVIncludes a WebDAV interface that facilitates access to Magnolia repositories in order to create, edit and manage templates and resources on a Magnolia server. Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Magnolia ToolsTools for manipulating repository contentMagnolia InternationalNot installed
To-do listAdd to-do notes on pages. Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Synchronization ModuleSynchronize target and source instances by activating only previously activated content.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Magnolia Migration ModuleProvides series of scripts that help when migrating projects from version 4.4.6 to Magnolia 4.5Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Standard Templating Kit (STK)A complete and production-ready website construction framework that provides best practice solutions and templates for common use cases.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Soft lockingProvides concurrent editing capabilities by flashing a series of alerts that warn editors about other activity on the page.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
ShopAdds shop functionality to Magnolia CMS without the need to install additional software components.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
SchedulerSchedule jobs and commands.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
RSS AggregatorDisplay aggregated feeds on web pages and generate internal feeds based on Magnolia CMS content for syndication.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Public User RegistrationProvides the functionality for users to register themselves on your website and is fully integrated with the Standard Templating Kit.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
PackagerCreate packages of content and configuration that can be backed up and restored. Magnolia InternationalNot installed
ObservationConfigure observation listeners, for example to execute commands.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
NewsletterProvides an API to connect to newsletter services like CampaignMonitor.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
NTLMProvides single sign-on (SSO) functionality for Windows systems within a trusted domain environment.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
LDAPProvides LDAP authenticationMagnolia InternationalNot installed
JNDIExpose Magnolia's JCR repository outside of the Magnolia web application.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
ImagingImage manipulation functionality, including automatic cropping, resizing, text overlay and more. Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Groovy Interactive Shell & Scripting SupportAdds Groovy capabilities to Magnolia and installs an interactive Groovy console in AdminCentral.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Google SitemapGenerate and configure XML Sitemaps of a Magnolia site.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Google Analytics for STKIntegrate Magnolia CMS websites with Google Analytics.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
FormCreate your own forms with multi-step, field validation, automated logging and email sending.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
ForumAdd a discussion forum to your site and manage it in AdminCentral.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Device detectionEnables Magnolia to detect that a page was requests e.g. from an iPhone. Serves as base for realizing variations of websites.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
DMSManage documents in Magnolia AdminCentral.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
DataManage structured data such as contacts, products, categories and RSS feeds for retrieval and use on web pages.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Content translation supportExport and import page content in translation-friendly CSV and Excel formats.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
CMISCMIS Integration for Magnolia DMS based on Apache Chemistry.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
CategorizationCreate hierarchical categories and tag articles and content with them. The resulting taxonomy describes and classifies content using metadata.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
CASCAS login handler and filter implementation for magnoliaMagnolia InternationalNot installed
BackupBacks up data from inside Magnolia CMS as an alternative to file system and database backup solutions.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Advanced CacheA collection of advanced cache strategies that minimize server load and simultaneously ensure that fresh content is served. Magnolia InternationalNot installed
ResourcesManage and edit resource files (CSS, JavaScript) in AdminCentral.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Extended Templating Kit (ETK)Extends the functionality of Standard Templating Kit with multisite and categorization support.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
DiffAllows editors and reviewers to compare differences between two versions of a page using the redlining feature.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Content dependenciesTrack content that web pages depend on, including other pages and DMS assets such as images and documents.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
In-place Templating (JSP Support)Allows editing JSP templates from within MagnoliaHeadwireNot installed
Google MapTemplates and paragraphs to manage and display Google Maps. Supports points of interest and vertices. HeadwireNot installed
CommentingAdd commenting on any Magnolia CMS page and manage comments in AdminCentral. Magnolia InternationalNot installed
In-place TemplatingManage and edit templates in AdminCentral. Magnolia InternationalNot installed
BlossomProvides Spring integration for Magnolia. This facilitates coding of reusable paragraphs and templates that allow editors to create truly dynamic and interactive pages.Magnolia InternationalNot installed
Transactional ActivationEnsures synchronization of content between multiple public instances during activationMagnolia InternationalNot installed
Developer samplesShowcase of Magnolia CMS features for developers, including customizable examples of dialogs, page and paragraph templates, filters and servlets. Magnolia InternationalNot installed
WorkflowProvides the functionality for editorial content workflow based on OpenWFE engine.Magnolia InternationalNot installed